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Spooky Tooth: Dental Health and Social Determinism

Spooky Tooth: Dental Health and Social Determinism

For many Americans a tooth can make the difference between security and destitution. That’s right: lose a tooth in the United States and you lose your chance to live the dream. Poverty and emotional desolation follow soon upon the unfortunate loss. For in the land of veneers and gratuitous orthodontia, “untouchable” status is a shed bicuspid away.

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Generation Bubble surveys the cultural and psychic landscapes of the progeny of an age in which increased access to debt replaced wage growth as the key to an improved standard of living. Members of Generation Bubble understand intuitively that consumption has replaced production as the key aspect of one’s identity, and that producing a self to which a good credit score can be attached now constitutes life’s great work.

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