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Bubble Living: Subprime Time for American Taxpayers

By way of cryptogon comes this USA Today story concerning the recent uptick in the apportioned debt burden of every citizen of these United States following the Obama administration’s bailout of the financial sector and other deficit expenditures. The exact figure is $546,668 per household, up $55,000 — a year’s income for most middle-class wage […]

Synchin' Academic Thinkin': Crooked Timber's Harry Brighouse on Communication across Humanities Disciplines

Harry Brighouse at the blog Crooked Timber offers some remarks occasioned by an interview in The Chronicle of Higher Education with Michèle Lamont, author of the recently published How Professors Think, the contents of which Brighouse summarizes thusly: The book is based on interviews of academics who serve on funding panels, and teases out the […]

Gangsta Lean: Economic Recession and the False Luster of Hip-Hop Bling

When it comes to the glitz of thug life these days, many bruthas be frontin’. Or so this story from the May 26 edition of The Guardian would have us believe. Once the stuff of basic-cable purlieus like HSN and QVC, ersatz gems have found their way onto the necks, wrists and fingers of rap […]

Bodies of Capital: Rosalind Gill on Contemporary Representations of Women

Right under everyone’s nose, a funny thing happened. Women became babes again. Via MRzine, blogging appendage of The Monthly Review, comes this article by Rosalind Gill, a gender studies professor at The London School of Economics. Promoted as a means of playfully and freely expressing oneself, whole slews of questionable logowear have found their way […]

Overheard at the Annual Literature and Deconstruction Conference

Drives and flows, farts, bursts of feeling — Features of our featured speaker, our paragon. Believe you me, he’ll have them squealing In no time. . . . I know, I know, “the parergon.” That bit where the Platonic paint is peeling, “Aporia,” “lacuna,” some such jargon, Read, of course, across forces failing To coalesce […]

Oz-tensible Purpose: Simon Haines on the Humanities "Down Under"

It is comforting to discover that the United States isn’t the only nation fretting over the future of the humanities. The April 29 edition of The Australian contains a story by Simon Haines, an English professor in Oz, who offers his thoughts on a speech given a year ago by Australian politician John Armstrong on […]

Bubble Sexy: Love Land's Unfulfilled Eastern Promises

Citing moral qualms, the Chinese government has ordered the closing of the country’s first-ever theme park devoted to sex. The unfinished park, dubbed Love Land, was to offer visitors workshops and demonstrations on honing their sexual skills. The London Times reports that a giant rotating statute of a woman sporting a red g-string prompted authorities, […]

Containing Multitudes: Annie Finch on Facebook and the New Poetry Community

You can’t write poetry on the computer. — Quentin Tarantino Via harriet, The Poetry Foundation’s blog, comes this piece by Annie Finch on the effect Facebook has had on the versifying demimonde. She regards it as largely positive, because it promotes, as she puts it, “a sense of awareness” of a vast number of other […]

Boho Meets Hobo: Hipsters Hit Hard in “Youth Magnet” Cities

Overextended and underemployed in creative-class Xanadu is probably not how many hipsters envisioned their post-collegiate years, but such is the sobering reality for many of them. Which can come as nothing but good news for local employers, who stand to acquire specialized labor at bargain-basement wages, as well as for landlords, the ultimate winners in all such demographic trends.

Fever to Tell: An Open Love Letter

So much depends on the tensive brutality of the seemingly random association. This brutality marshals a confrontation between witnessing and whimsy. One pursues the gossamer trace threading the luminous mundanity of partially and imperfectly recalled memories, which are scattered like unset jewels on the black velvet of consciousness, tempting one with their lustrous disorder to […]

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